=fudge= Updates December 2016

It’s been a while since you’ve heard an update from your favorite Synthesizer Metal Band, =fudge=.

So, here we go with some updates

  • Upcoming =fudge= Show on April 22nd 2017 confirmed! https://www.facebook.com/events/1768482960083920/
    We will be headlining an event in Regensburg at the “Alte Mälzerei”. Three other bands will be supporting us on that show. Stay up to date and have a look at our “Gigs” site and follow us on Facebook to not miss anything.
  • =fudge= is on Twitter! https://twitter.com/fudge_band.
    We know that this isn’t really a big deal in Germany, but Twitter is pretty cool for staying up to date and seeing what others are all up to.
    If you already us Twitter, please, follow us! If you don’t – sign up on Twitter, and please, follow us!
  • We are now in the creative mode of writing new songs, preparing to expand our stage show, designing new =fudge= T-Shirts and other cool stuff.
    Expect irregular updates in the next few months. We will be posting updates here and on our Social Media channels, of course.
  • For 2017, we are planning to play more shows than ever before! We are currently reaching out to several event planners.
    If you have any ideas on where we could play, or know / own a proper location – please, get in touch with us: Contact =fudge=.
  • And last but not least – Jake, who already bashed the drums with us on our Halloween Gig in Mainburg, is now officially part of =fudge=!

And since we all know that winter is coming, here is our contribution song “Snow”. Listen to it right here, right now! Happy Winter.