2020 – Dust to Come

The =fudge= fanbase has waited a long time for ‘Dust to Come’, which is =fudge=’s first full-length album. It is a direct successor to their 2014 EP ‘Never Stop Firing’. Musically, the band has clearly upped their game with the new songs being versatile, playful and straightforward at the same time. On ‘Dust to Come’, =fudge= plays with classic horror themes that lyrically fit in seamlessly with the musical framework, which is best described as Industrial Rock with clear influences of diverse Metal styles. The visual presentation of the band and band members as well as their music video for the horror story song ‘The Summoning’ set an obvious direction. Quite in line with this, the band produced a 34-paged comic book limited to 1000 copies and hand-numbered consecutively, which is offered as part of a limited edition together with the album.

The album received notable reviews by critics and fans alike.

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=FUDGE= Dust to Come


  1. Silently
  2. Into the Whispers
  3. The Summoning
  4. GODS
  5. Mechanical Human
  6. I’m a Wolf
  7. Death to Man
  8. Dust to Come
  9. Thousand
  10. Reprise
  11. Confession
  12. For those who live in Fear
  13. Dust to Come pt. II
  14. Bittersweet Revenge (Bonus Track)

2014 – Never Stop Firing EP

Recorded and released in April 2014 initially by ourselves on CD as an official bootleg and later released by Welovemusic digitally on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes as individual tracks. Read an independent review about this EP at the Heavy Metal Time Machine Blog.

Quote from Andy, Heavy Metal Time Machine: “This five-piece band would craft a EP that perfectly reflected the various musical influences of it’s band members while …”

It is also available directly on Spotify!


  1. Liars and Believers
  2. The Spell
  3. Snow
  4. Ascending in Bleakness

=fudge= Never Stop Firing EP Cover

Never Stop Firing EP

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